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Hassan was a German Shepherd imported from Belgium. Hassan was born in 2008 and was in service with the Kiowa Police Department from 2011 to 2017. Hassan was paired with several handlers during his service and showed total dedication to each. There was no better partner to hit the street with and he will be missed. Hassan wasn't just a partner he was family.





Chilli was a Malinois born in 2004 that was in-service with the Kiowa Police Department from 2006 to 2011. Chilli was a beloved family member and officer. Chilli was partnered with several officers in the police department and adopted by Joe Mae Peck after retirement. Jo Mae had been with Chilli since his start in 2006 and with him till the end. Her dedication to Chilli was appreciated and I know it made Chilli's life better.









James Arterberry , Kiowa City Marshal

The morning of July 28, 1970, Marshal Arterberry had responded to the home of a 74 year old mentally unbalanced man named Jack Cates because Cates had refused to go to the hospital for treatment with his son, Bill, and made threats against his son. Arterberry first went to the front door but soon started backing away and took cover behind his car, which he had parked in front of the house. As Arterberry rose up to look over the hood of his car, Cates shot him fatally.



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