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Any time you’re involved in a collision, you must:

1. Stop immediately. Don’t ever leave the scene of a collision. If you do, you may be prosecuted for “hit and run.”

2. Find out if anyone has been hurt and do what you can to help. Don’t try to move an injured person unless it’s a life-or-death necessity (if the car’s on fire, for example). Movement might make the injuries worse.

3. Call or have someone call 911 or the police as soon as possible. Be sure that the police get your exact location. Give all the information you can: type of collision, how many people are involved, how many are hurt, and what type of injuries, etc. Stay on the line until the emergency operator has finished asking you questions and hangs up first.


4. Exchange the following information with the driver of all other vehicles involved:

  • Name and address of the driver AND the car owner, if different

  • Driver license number

  • Vehicle registration number

  • Insurance information—company name, agent, policy number and effective dates (your insurance company will ask you for this information).

5. Accidents that do not involve injury or death—The owner or operator of a vehicle or its cargo that obstructs the regular flow of traffic shall make every reasonable effort to remove the obstructing vehicle or cargo from the roadway so the regular flow of traffic is not blocked. This shall not apply to vehicles transporting “hazardous materials.”

6. Remain calm and be polite. Don’t blame other people or accept blame, and don’t discuss the accident. Wait for the law enforcement officer and answer questions truthfully and calmly.
If the collision involves a parked car or other property and you can’t locate the owner, leave your name and address on the damaged property where the owner will find it.
The investigating officer will complete a report and place it on file. You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible, report the accident, and provide the required information. You should keep a copy of all collision report forms.

If there is personal injury or death or, if the damage to any vehicle or property is over $300, and if all the parties involved have not reached a settlement within six months, you must file an Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Collision Report. Be sure you report the exact date and location of the collision. The form is available from the investigating officer, or you can contact any highway patrol, local police, or sheriff’s office. This state report is in addition to any reports required by a city.



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Accident reports are available at City hall for a fee of $10.00 dollars.